When people ask Paul Hanhart to describe what Prestonwood is like, he tells them they’re a corporation that just happens to handle landscaping. “It is not just a guy in his truck with a mower,” he laughs.

In the same way that Prestonwood grows and adapts to best serve its client, the folks that work there – like Paul – also have the opportunity to evolve and explore their career path.

“I feel like I didn’t know anything before I started here,” joked Paul. That’s because since he joined Prestonwood six years ago, he’s learned how to build and develop teams, as well as what it takes to keep ninety-plus trucks out working day in, day out. To get there, he was given the freedom to try new things and learn something from every challenge.

He’s found the perfect place for someone always willing to try something new, which has led him to learn vegetation and aquatic management as well as become a certified arborist. Now, he’s studying building science and shares Prestonwood “is definitely a company where learning is valued. Nobody stands in your way if you want to learn something new.”

What kind of person is a success at Prestonwood? Someone who combines mastery of their craft with a willingness to grow. It also helps to be someone who genuinely loves to bring out the beauty in our clients’ properties, too.

No matter the client, project, or property size, Prestonwood Landscape Services builds and maintains beautiful and worry-free landscapes, with a customer experience to match.