They took a big chance on me. Max says I didn’t have a long history of managerial experience or chemical application at the scale Prestonwood operates. But it’s a gamble that’s paid off in spades.

“I came into this company as an assistant manager and showed a lot of initiative in the first months, so they moved me up to where I am now.” Max ensures his crews have the product they need coordinated daily for the department’s 60 million square feet of managed turf.

And how would Max describe his experience with the company? “Prestonwood is the first place I’ve worked where people want you to succeed. They want to see you grow. They want to see you get better at what you’re doing year after year.”

In his eyes, the biggest difference is the strive for excellence. Prestonwood gives its team whatever tools they need to be effective and create the best possible experience for each client. “It’s been incredible to see no barrier between me and doing the job.”

The biggest skill Max has developed is scalability. At Prestonwood, he manages more properties, square footage, and people than ever before.

And Max has grown his interpersonal skills to better his crew and find opportunities for them at Prestonwood. He helps to coordinate chemical applicator license training and meets with distributors to set up classes on their products. He is strengthening the departmental knowledge of the chemistry of soil and the products we use to be better.

When asked what kind of person succeeds at Prestonwood? Max responded: with 1400 acres of turf, it requires a person who can step up to the challenge, create a plan and execute it. You must keep a cool head, recognize it’s not insurmountable, and go into problem-solving mode.

“Like I said, we want you to succeed, and we’re ready to help you.”