As a production manager, Jesus “Chuy” Saenz oversees property enhancement logistics for existing Prestonwood clients. Success for Chuy is about seeing a job well done at the finish of a project and happy clients. “I take pictures of the site, through the enhancement and the finished job to share with our account managers and clients,” said Chuy. He works hard to ensure the clients are always up-to-date with what’s happening with their property. But, it’s also more than that.

Chuy brings more than 25 years of landscape experience to his role at Prestonwood. “We promise worry-free landscapes; for clients, it’s taken care of, simple, easy.” Chuy has experience in landscaping from all angles, residential to municipal. When he’s on the job site, he’s ensuring things are going according to plan, looking out for potential issues, but also he’s looking for ways to exceed client expectations. “I’ll take pictures and share with the account managers, places where I think, oh, this may look better, or this plant may not be as successful in this soil composition, have you considered this plant.”

In his nine years with Prestonwood, that experience has paid off. “The growth has been crazy. The scope of our projects are huge.” He’s helped guide the construction and enhancement division from a two-person operation to the department it is today by sharing his experience motivating and managing people. When Chuy is out at a job site, he works to keep the foremen motivated, to push them to have a great attitude, “attitude is everything when it comes to building success.” He advises crew chiefs to be honest with him and their crews, to take care of our people so they can take care of our clients.

He is always on the lookout for people who want to learn. They have hired managers with zero experience and provided side-by-side learning opportunities and mentorship because you can teach knowledge and skills, but you can’t teach attitude. “We always look for a person with the right attitude, who will appreciate and benefit from the time we invest in them.” Prestonwood wants employees with the drive: people who have pride in their work, want to grow, and go the extra mile to make things happen.

“For me, it’s about end-to-end service, making sure we keep the promises we make in our client proposals. That’s worry-free landscape.” That dedication and overall good nature of the people at Prestonwood helped Chuy decide it was the right place for him a decade ago.