Blake Sanders, Prestonwood Landscape Services’ Director of Landscape Maintenance, loves the fact that his job is different every single day. No matter the season, there’s always a new challenge when he comes into the office in the morning. It may be a unique client request. It could be a challenge he had no way of expecting. The only thing that’s the same day to day is that, well, nothing is the same from day to day.

“It never gets boring,” laughed Blake.

As the Director of Landscape Maintenance, Blake oversees each of the property managers that are the primary point of contact for Prestonwood’s clients. He drives his team with the goal of always offering more than simple maintenance and irrigation. Instead, the entire company strives to make every property that they touch look better and remain healthier than when service began.

For service like that to happen, it all starts with communication. Blake and his team discover how each and every client prefers to connect — whether that’s in person, on the phone or via email — and then they build a relationship based on trust and hard work.

After working for other companies, Blake feels that Prestonwood has offered him the best opportunity to not only improve the properties of his clients, but to also push forward his career and the careers of his team, too. From the ability to add new skills or receive a license, Prestonwood believes in the personal and professional growth of their employees.

That also means giving them the opportunity to move into other roles, change departments or take their career further by working in management.

So what does it take to succeed in the fast-moving world of landscape maintenance? Beyond self-motivation and the ability to multitask, Blake has some sage advice: “You better be ready to get your hands dirty. It is landscaping, after all.”

Whether you’re seeking a highly skilled and motivated team to manage your property’s landscape maintenance needs or would like to join our team, you click this link to learn more about Prestonwood.