Project Overview

  • Project Type: Office

  • Time to complete: 9 days as a rush with a double crew (16 days normally)

  • Past client; brought on for ongoing maintenance

The concrete on the right-hand side of the property had a higher sidewalk on one side than the other with no drain. This led to water coming into the building from the sidewalk.

Prestonwood used a yellow moisture barrier along the building and sidewalk, as water was seeping out of the concrete into the parking lot and sidewalk. The joints of these areas had water coming out of them constantly. This could lead to foundation damage to the building, as well as aesthetic damage such as cracked concrete.

While properly waterproofing a foundation can add expense to a project, in the long term it adds to the life and structure of the property, particularly if you spend the time getting moisture out from under them.

To solve this issue, the driveway had to be cut into with traffic diverted for the entire length of the project. A concrete pipe in the middle of the parking lot was found and discharged for the drain. If the plans had listed this line, the parking lot demo could have been avoided.